Rangers' Autographs?
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What's the best way to get ballplayers' autographs at Rangers Ballpark?

I've seen this> but I'd like more specific advice about the Rangers and more basic pointers if anyone has any anecdotes or tips. It's my kids who want some autographs, and I don't think they really care whose they get that much. Although my daughter (7) has decided that she loves Josh Hamilton, and my son (5) is an Ian Kinsler fan.

We were at the game last night, but I never really saw what looked like any autographing going on during batting practice, which is when I've heard is a good time to try.

I really have no idea about this. Can we go down next to the field before the game even if our tickets are in the upper deck? What's the best thing to ask a ballplayer to sign? Their card? A Baseball?

I (and the kids) appreciate any pointers you can give.
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Best answer: Focus on batting practice and the bullpen. Get there early -- the earlier the better.

Obviously, it's better if you know the player by name. Try to get a program. Nobody likes to be referred to by number or "Hey, you, player guy."

Balls are good, hats are good. Even blank autograph books are good. Cards are only so-so.

Don't be rude. Try to stay away from adults and teenagers searching for autographs; some players hate guys that seem likely to be collecting autographs only for sale.

The bullpen is good because half the guys there know they won't be playing, and they're often bored.

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Ask the ushers, especially the ones stationed around home plate, as they'll likely be the guys that have been there the longest.

Also, ask the ballpark ushers where the players' exit is. That's another place for autograph hounds, catching players headed home and/or to the team bus.

Can we go down next to the field before the game even if our tickets are in the upper deck?

Some ballparks allow it, some don't. If you have a ticket anywhere in the lower bowl -- you don't have to be behind the plate -- you can usually get away with it.
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I've been to a few ballparks and they've allowed pretty much anyone to go near the field during BP.

Make sure you have your kids near you when you ask. As Cool Papa Bell mentioned, players are more opening to signing to people asking for kids than just random people who are looking to make a buck.

Also, if you really do your homework, find out where the players enter the ballpark and get there a few hours before the game begins. This is probably a bit iffy though.

Way to be a great dad!
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Oh, and I've read players prefer to be called by their first names since everyone else calls them by their last.
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Best answer: Wow! A Rangers Ballpark question!

1) If you have kids, the Rangers do autograph Wednesdays for kids on the main concourse near first base. Sometimes current roster players attend.

2) Yes, you are allowed to line up on the first (and third) base side until to 20 minutes prior to the start of the game, even if you don't have tickets in the lower section. You are expected to be polite and allow ticket holders access to their seats, but that should be a given.

3) Get there early, and, if you're going on the 2nd or 3rd game of a home series, try to find out of the Rangers took batting practice indoors during the previous game. During the summer months, the team alternates between indoor and outdoor batting practice. Usually the first game right after a road series has indoor batting practice, but it's really up to the players. On non-Sunday games, the gates open 2 hours prior to game time; on Sunday, it's 1.5 hours.

4) Another place to line up is along the wall up the first base foul line towards right field. Usually the outfielders do throwing drills and wind sprints in the actual outfield, and will sometimes sign autographs for fans standing there.

5) The exit tunnel that players leave from is located in, I think, lot J. It's near the helipad on Nolan Ryan Expy, either way. You might try waiting there after a game, though I believe cars exit from there, so be careful. I've seen other fans waiting at the tunnel, but I've not stayed around long enough to find out their results.

Good luck, and go Rangers! :D
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Response by poster: Thanks, folks! Hopefully this will help the kids get some autographs at the next time we make it to a game. I'm relatively new to baseball in general, but the Rangers are turning me into a fan this year. This is good stuff!
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