Have any Mefites used Pearltrees?
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Has anyone used the Pearltrees add-on for firefox? What has been your experience of it? what are its good points and bad points?

I have a load of bookmarks and was looking for a better way to organise and view them when I found the Pearltrees add-on. I have installed it but not signed up yet, and I thought I would try to get some input from mefite firefoxers before I did.

Any help appreciated

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From my understanding Pearltrees is more social, to share info and bookmarks among friends/contacts ... but I have not my goal.

For straight bookmark organization and synchronization over several computers, I prefer the XMarks addon. It also syncs passwords (optional) across computers.
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something happened to my post, it was supposed to read: "I have not used it as this is not my personal goal". sorry.
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Not familiar with Pearltrees, but I use Delicious for similar tasks---bookmarks accessible from whatever computer or browser I might be using that day, organizable by tag & so forth. There's an add-on for firefox which will essentially replace the program's standard bookmark features, and you can decide to keep your bookmarks private or not individually or en masse.
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