Help me find a romantic getaway in New England
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Looking for a romantic getaway in New England....

I want to take my wife for a weekend away August 6-8. What I'd like is a resort where we can do nothing but sit by a luxurious pool (not your joe-blow rectangular liner-pool) and watch the (preferably) ocean. I'm willing to spend about $400 a night. Wentworth by the Sea in NH looks kinda like what I'm thinking but I'm struggling to find places along the NE coast that have availability those days.
Anybody have any other thoughts? Something luxurious, romantic, and a little atypical.

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Though not really atypical, Cliff House in Ogunquit, Maine is similar. Lots of rooms, spa services, gorgeous beach nearby, cliff walks, cool little town.
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I went to a wedding and stayed at the Blackpoint Inn once and it was awesome. They have a geothermally heated pool!

Coastal Maine, not far from Portland.
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Response by poster: Blackpoint looks cool but it also looks like they're sold out... :(
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Years ago, a friend and I stopped at the Chatham Bars Inn on our way to P-town. I only had a drink there, but wow.
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FYI, Blackpoint Inn was bought by the rich folks that live on the point and they really screwed my friend over when he was a Chef there.

What about the Samoset?

On second look, this is a good list of places in Maine.
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