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Will or some other site email you when things you want go on sale?

Looking to buy a boardgame, or a tool, or a specific hat or this or that but don't want to pay the current price and don't need it right now. Will or other sites email you when your chosen item is on sale? (I can't figure out how to do it on Amazon, if they do it at all).
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As to, which is my go to online retailer for a lot of stuff, not exactly. They will periodically email you to suggest "similar" items, often including something you've actually bought. More helpfully, has a "save for later" option for things you put in your "cart," and you can periodically check back to see price changes for that item.

I'd suggest downloading price comparison extensions in your browser, which are a good fast way to see how competitive the price for a saved item is.

Also, for many websites I routinely check to see if there's an online coupon available. I've saved quite a bit that way in discounts and free shipping.
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I can only speak to Amazon does provide information if the price has increased or decreased since I placed it on my wish list. However, they don't provide email notification. If I remember correctly, this information is provided when I sign into my account, usually when I am purchasing something else.
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Ops, I just checked. Amazon displays the price changes solely for things that I've placed in my cart (saved items to buy later) rather than on my wish list. This information is displayed at the top of the page when I view my shopping cart.
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The Tracktor is a website that emails you when prices for specific items at drop to a level you set.
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Camelcamelcamel (?) is similar to Tracktor. It also offers rss feeds and I think you can import a wishlist.
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Sonofabitch! That's CamelCamelCamel
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Zeezaw does the same as tracktor for the UK, if anyone's interested. It's amazing how often and how much prices on Amazon change.
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NexTag, which is a price comparison site similar to Bizrate, will let you set a predetermined price that you're willing to pay. If your item hits that price, they'll email you to let you know.
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I've used PricePinx at (I'm sorry - I'm not quite getting how to do a link) many times and saved a lot of money.
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Book Depository will notify you when a book on your wishlist falls in price by 10% or more.

(I've also found them to be better value for money than either Amazon or Fishpond, who I used to shop with.)
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I like the Firefox extension Alertbox for this. It works on any site and includes specific rules you can apply. Like, alert me only when it is less than a particular amount. The interface is a little clunky, but I love it for getting changes on prices and on websites that don't have RSS.
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Also try a wishlist at wishpot.
They automatically email you an alert when the price drops.

I prefer camelcamelcamel for buys that I really really want but refuse to pay the top dollar for it. Plus camelcamelcamel notifies you via twitter which you can receive via text messages. Additionally, it allows you to view price histories.

However, I keep wishpot for books and other items that i may want.
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WantsThis emails me whenever something from my wish list is on sale.
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