Something to cover my office wall
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What can I use to cover my large and unfinished and unpainted cinderblock wall at work?

(I work at a University not at a prison if you must know). I seem to recall a site that sold some type of corkboard that came in small squares. Anything would be an improvement over look at these walls. Other creative suggestions also welcome.
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that corkboard is available anywhere, try Staples or OfficeMax.

Or you could cover the whole thing with whiteboard pretty inexpensively.
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Some colorful cloth--maybe unfitted bed sheets off Ebay? Or you could come in one weekend and paint the thing.
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The ever-popular Rasterbator could be an option.
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If you plan on using a lot of the corkboard, it might be cheaper to buy it at a hardware/DIY-type store -- ask for homasote.
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Magnetic paint - then you can hang things on it with magnets.
Chalkboard paint - people will want to hang out in your office and play with chalk.
Batik tapestries - you can find them at headshops. 20-30 bucks gets you one the size of a double bed.
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Damn, Galvatron beat me too it. Seriously, check out the Rasterbator, you can print out pretty good looking wall-sized images.
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A large quilt hung against that wall would add some warmth, texture and color to the room.
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can you protect the surrounding area well? if so, i'd suggest buying a dozen cans of paint of assorted colours (maybe oranges, greens and browns), and throwing their contents at the wall.
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If you go the cloth route, I've been intrigued by the apparent ease of using spray starch to make it stick to the wall without hurting the wall or the cloth. I haven't tried it yet though.
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Why not print off all the panels from your favorite web comic? Should be pretty colorful, or even plain black and white would be an improvement, and you'll have what should be a pretty funny wall.
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Came across this in Waxy Links .... how bout a whiteboard? They can be mad cheap and DIY from Home Depot or a bit fancier. Check the link...
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I bookmarked this and forgot about it - then just ran across it again now! So here you go.
Blik - they're wall decals, and they're removable.
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