Landlord has vanished with my money.
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My former landlord is ignoring my communications and hasn't returned an accidental rent over-payment. What are my legal options here in the UK?

When I moved out of my last flat in May, my bank failed to stop the standing order sending money to my landlord.

My landlord emailed me to notify me of this, then stopped replying to my emails and text messages. He's sitting on about £1200 of my money.

What's my recourse here? Is there any legal action I can take that won't consume more money than is at stake? To be clear - I'm not talking about a deposit here, that was settled separately.
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You should check with the Citizens' Advice Bureau. They can let you know what your legal rights are, and help you figure out how to move forward.
If this was something the bank did wrong, you should check with them about whether they can help you.
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This page from the Courts Service might be useful. The first link is for a document that lists several options you might want to consider including, ultimately taking your landlord to (what used to be called) the small claims court.
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