Who are the models in Michael Jackson's Black or White video?
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How do I find what actors appeared in a video if they are uncredited? I'm trying to track down all the models that appeared in the morphing sequence for Michael Jackson's "Black or White" video. (It's for a blog post - sort of a "Whatever happened to...?" story.)

So far I've been able to track down a few - Tyra Banks is obvious - and IMDb has helped as well (Glen Chin, Cree Summer, Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter.). I would think that this would be a pretty big event in these people's careers, but can scarcely find a mention of it save for IMDb and Wikipedia. Can anyone suggest a new way of approaching this? Anybody's cousins or friends who were in it? Thanks!
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I'm going to assume that this page isn't you, but if it isn't, there's a few more names as well. Not sure how accurate it is anyway

Another place says that one of the people are Brandi Jackson (Michael’s niece). But again, sometimes things on the Internet aren't correct? Yes, shocking I realize :)
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(also sometimes people on the Internet don't know how to use punctuation)
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Response by poster: Thanks, MCMikeNamara! I saw that page and the Steve J Peterson reference but can't find anything else on him. I think the others are dancers who appear earlier in the video.
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Why don't you try contacting John Landis? He directed that video, right? Call the Directors Guild of America (in L.A.) and ask for his agency/management information. Then write him a letter. Couldn't hurt!
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You could try capturing a still image of the actor from the video (just pause and print screen) and then searching for that image on the web. That may lead you to other photos of the actor.


I've never used picsearch however I have used TinEye. I once saw a photo of mountains in a client's meeting room and wondered where it was taken. I took a photo of the picture on my phone and searched for it using TinEye and it found it straight away. It blew my tiny mind.
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Darn it. Correct TinEye link.
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