Trying to find a Yahoo commercial ...
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There is a Yahoo! commercial currently airing in which we see a woman going through her closet to the tune of Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight"; we then notice that the lyric "wondering what clothes to wear" is repeating. The wife comes in, where the husband is causing the lyric to repeat on his laptop. "Honey?" "Yeah?" "Knock it off." "Yeah." I crack up every time I see this commercial -- can anyone tell me where I can get a copy of this, preferably not streaming or Windows Media?
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It's the third one down, and it might be the best you can find unless someone searches for it on their tivo. Ive tried looking for obscure ads before for school and I could never find them. Only superbowl ads. This one definitely made me laugh though.
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Found it.
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If you're keen on Quicktime (not streaming) the ad is here in the commercial archive, you plunk down a 2 euro donation to join up for 30 days and for that you get access to over twentythousand quicktime ads, and 32 years of superbowl commercials.
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Thanks, everybody! :)
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Sweet, but I wonder if anyone can find an old commercial... It was a Sheik condom ad where this guy was ranting about the man trying to force him to use condoms. When a beautiful girl handed him a Sheik and told him to "get one or get none," he quickly changed his tune! Anyone?
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