NC to Toronto Road Trip: Boats, Beds and Camping!
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Traveling to Toronto from NC with my cousin in 2 weeks and looking for good sailboat charters, Hiking/Camping, City activities and, oh ya, now we need a place to stay...

My cousin and I are traveling from NC to Toronto First week in August by car. My first time, her second. We have 10 days total including drive time. On the agenda for sure (besides wandering around enjoying the city) are:

Niagara Falls (my first time)
Sail Boat Charter (suggestions? -see below)
Camping (suggestions? - see below)
Any Other Cool stuff you suggest.

Also, I just found out before I wrote this that my cousin's friend is having sudden medical issues so we may also be looking for a place to stay in Toronto (!!!)

Hive mind, please work your magic and let us know what other things we should try. We are open to anything, but leaning towards more cultural, artistic, "spiritual" activities, maybe not so much "touristy" things. (BTW, both of us are considering moving there at some point in the not so distant future... so stuff that shows the inner life of Toronto would be AWESOME)

Also, any recommendations or tips on Camping/Sailboat/Place to stay MUCH appreciated.

Camping - I'd say we are savvy but not "technically experienced". I back-country camped on occasion and have some "OK" gear, my cuz has traveled and car/camped across the USA before. I'd like to do something:
- Not dangerous or "technical" and only moderately strenuous
- 1 Night
- Want Remote, no people as much as possible - Back Country
- Naturally Beautiful (heh, obviously)
- Want to do a REAL campfire (as environmentally conscious as possible, of course)
- This does NOT have to be near Toronto, if it is vaguely on the route from NC to Toronto that's cool, we'll do it on the ride up or back. National/State park, whatever is cool

Sailboat Charter - Looking for a respectable 24-30+ foot boat for a day (or overnight/longer if rates are reasonable seeing as we have no place now) at a decent price in Toronto. I have US Sail Basic Keelboat certificate, and "decent" sailing resume.

Places to stay - This just came up so I'm open to any options, cheaper is good.
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Toronto has a good theatre scene. There are several bigger theatres (Panasonic, Canon, Princess of Wales, Royal Alex) that show Broadway plays and musicals. It can be a little pricey but check this site to see if you can get any deals. I've heard of people getting $25 tickets for less busy time slots, like matinees.

I've also had fun seeing shows by local non-profit theatre groups like Theatre Passe Murraille and Canadian Stage.

The city weeklies have lots of listings for theatre, art shows, concerts and other events: Now Magazine and Eye Weekly are good places to start.

For concert tickets: Rotate This or Soundscapes.

Sorry, I can't help you with camping or boating suggestions.

If you don't like "touristy" stuff you are not going to want to spend a ton of time in Niagara Falls. You should go and ride the ferry (Maid of the Mist) and check out the falls themselves, but the rest of the immediate area is kinda loud, garish, full of arcades and stuff for kids. Niagara-on-the-Lake (north from the falls) is quieter and there are lots of wineries, but it's somewhat pricey.

Re: places to stay... What is your budget?
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Oh and by the way, August 2nd is a civic holiday in Ontario, so some stuff will be closed then.
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Response by poster: cranberrymonger - thanks for the tip on the 2nd. Yes, I don't want to spend much time in Niagara, but it will be my first opportunity to see it... might as well.

Place we may have already solidified, cousin found a 1-week sublet on Craigslist.

But still interested in Camping and Boat Chartering ideas if anyone has any ideas. Thanks!
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