Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh...stop telephonin' me
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Toshiba Digital Business Telephone driving me nuts. Can you help me take control of this thing?

Might be a bit of a longshot...but, I've got this phone. It's a Toshiba DKT3010-SD (Strata CTX). I've read the manual and still can't figure it out.

Essentially, the issue is that it's connected to all the phone lines in the office, or at least the ones in my immediate area, who happen to be salespeople - that is, they are on the phone often. It's got little flashing lights (orbits?) which flash when a particular line is in use. I can see every person's calls coming in/going out, and the light next to their line flashes when they're making or receiving a call. The number they're dialing or that's calling displays on the LCD screen. The phone rings incessantly. It's driving me nuts. I end up missing calls for me because I just tune it all out.

I only want to see/hear my calls. Is this possible? Must I just duct-tape over these other lights? Can I change my line's ringtone? Anything?

I will be so grateful for any help.
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It looks like this is an IP phone? That leads me to believe that there is a call manager somewhere (an internal website, probably) that someone needs to reprogram.

Also, look at page 41 for activating non-primary DND.
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gjc, I tip my hat to you. Page 41 was the key. Thank you!
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