Monitor Recommendations for under £200 (about $400) for design work
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Im looking for recommendations for a new monitor around the £200 mark purely for 2d photoshop design work - basically no games or video or tv. Size wise anything around the 20" mark. Ideally it would be from Dell the models ive looked at are P2311H, 2009W, E2210, P2211H and E2210H although they all seem pretty much priced the same.
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If you're going to pay a premium, make sure you get an IPS panel.

This 23" looks like a good choice @ $359 USD
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Add another £100 to your budget for a decent hardware calibrator. We use Dell panels at my work (highend packaging prepress) for all non-color critical work. The panels are nice but the native color can vary pretty wildly from panel-to-panel.
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