Show me the world's best packaging design
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Can you recommend the best packaging design blogs or other sites, from around the world?

I know about, of course, and a couple of others, but I'd like to see some that may be less well known, but still great. Blogs in other languages than English, for example, that wouldn't come up in my Google searches. It's not important that I be able to read the text as long as there are pictures. Thanks for your recommendations!
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I'm a fan of Lovely Package, but a lot of it is student work, not actual packaging.
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That's ok, Freyja; it's just the sort of thing I'm looking for. Thank you! Any more?
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PicoCool, Design Milk, NOTCOT, and NOTCOT.ORG are all general art/architecture/design sites, but they all have a "packaging" tag. If you want to subscribe via RSS, you may be able to use Yahoo Pipes to filter out only the packaging-related articles.
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I love Sylvain Allard's blog . He writes in French but translates in English as well.
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I'm a big fan of Fuck Yeah Packaging, though that's a fairly minimalist image-focused blog without a lot of exposition. Not sure if that's what you're looking for.
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TheDieLine is my favorite.
posted by Brian Puccio at 10:37 AM on July 21, 2010 is more about design, in general, than packaging design only. However, some contributors do like packaging. And they'll often link to the spot they've found an image.
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Ok, this is not strictly about packaging, but if you don't know about Swiss Miss, you should.
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