Where can I buy inexpensive bulk canvas tote bags?
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Any suggestions on where I can buy inexpensive bulk canvas tote bags? I don't need anything printed on them, but they do need to have a size that is reasonable for groceries (roughly 18x14 and with a gusset). Any retailers that anyone can recommend? Right now it looks to be about $3-4 a bag the best I can find.
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It would probably help if you tell us
a) where do you live, and
b) how many bags do you want?
In Toronto (where I live) you get bags of this sort for a dollar per bag at several different supermarket chains such as Sobey's, Loblaws, etc.
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If you're willing to do non-woven PPE (think your average supermarket's "reusable" bag), ULine has them dirt-cheap.

4Imprint (who, IIRC, has great customer service) also appears to have 'em pretty cheap.
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BuyWholesaleTshirts.com is where you want to go. They have a large selection of bulk clothing and accessories with no minimum purchase size. Here is their bag section.

The website looks kind of cheap and scammy, but I've ordered from them many times before and have never had any problems.
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For the past two summers, I have bought totes in bulk from discountmugs.com (they sell other stuff, like water bottles and... mugs) and they have been good. No minimum purchase size, but the cost goes down as you buy more of an item. Often have nice deals on free shipping.
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Oriental Trading Company and Dharma Trading both have good prices and a large selection.
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Oriental Trading has a wide selection of tote bags. Most of them are probably made of the PPE that julthumbscrew mentioned, but it looks like they also have some canvas ones.
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yes, where do you live?
I have seen them locally at a school uniform outlet - very inexpensive and much better quality than any others I have seen.
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