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Name that tune and genre.

My roommate heard this outside a laundromat one day and couldn't believe his ears (and fuckit, neither could i). We'd both never heard of a song like this or what genre it would be categorized in. aside from vocals which we didn't get around to recording, it's pretty faithful to what the song sounded like. Any clues? thanks yalls.

p.s. we live in Logan Square, Chicago which is a heavily mexican neighborhood (and a lot of generally white hipsters and a few black folk).
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I am usually pretty good at name that tune - but do you have any other method to download it.
posted by Flood at 6:34 AM on July 21, 2010

Yeh, and after getting through the popups, the file still would not play.
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Response by poster: hey yall. sorry for the poor link. this one should work better.
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