Auto repair/service shop forums?
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Where can I find an online forum for owners & managers of auto repair/service shops?

Not that I'm interested in the minutia of replacing an oxygen sensor in a '93 Civic, but I would like to research and discuss such topics as: What's a decent, affordable tire mounting & balancing machine? What are the merits of a four post vs. two post hydraulic lift? What accounting software to use for part inventory control?

Usenet, phpBB-ish forum, or searchable mailing lists are all fine, but my Google Fu is failing me in locating an actual forum or list. Is it silly to expect fellow grease monkeys to hang out online?
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Pro Auto Tech Info looks small and appears to have just gotten back online after a problem with a host shutting down without warning, but it might be a good place to ask for other forums. The welcome page mentions "The whole automotive repair industry is welcome." and notes "You can include waveforms, pictures, etc. in your posts."

I'd also try asking in, which seems to have a decent proportion of pro questions and answers.
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