Torrent Search List Automation?
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Is there a program or an add-on which will keep a list of torrents I want to download so as to avoid typing them in individually each time I want to see if they are available?

About once a week I check to see if any torrents on my .doc list are available. As it stands, this involves copying and pasting them in to the search box individually. I'd like a program which can save a search list of desired torrents, and automate the search process. Does such a thing exist? Any ideas? I'm on a PC if that matters.
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use RSS
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Plenty of trackers offer an RSS feed that will filter based on a query string. Plenty of torrent programs will parse RSS and automatically open the torrent files.
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Are you talking about torrenting TV shows?
If so, then:
* Go to Search for your show. Grab the "search based rss feed"
* Download Miro. Add the copied link as a channel.
Then you can set it to autodownload any new episodes.
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