Help me determine if this is edible in some way other than giving it to Ralph Wiggum to taste.
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What kind of fruit or vegetable is this? And more important, can I eat it?

As part of my ongoing skunk problem research I was told by multiple sources that, in the absence of porch or basement they're hiding in, there is usually something the skunks on your property are eating. And that's why they keep coming back. With our trash lids closed I started looking for something else they might be nibbling on. And behind our back fence I saw these.


They're growing on the fence itself. They're orange with red fleshy seeds like pomegranates or something. So are these things edible? Is that what the skunks are eating?

And, on a related note, can I eat them as well?
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Looks like passion fruit and humans find them delicious>
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Where do you live?
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Response by poster: I'm in Los Angeles. Could I have passion fruit in my backyard?
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Response by poster: Okay it doesn't look like passion fruit.
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Are those pods smooth, or lumpy?
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Response by poster: You mean the actual fruit? Smooth and oblong. Like an oval peach.
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You could definitely have passion fruit in LA (it's all over the place here in NoCal), but that doesn't look like passion fruit to me.
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They don't really look much like passion fruit.

Are they growing attached to a tree, or a vine? The seeds look so much like pomegranates that I'd guess it's an odd cultivar or maybe a close relative. But it would probably need to be growing on a tree. Also, the shape of the fruit itself doesn't look right - I found some photos of pomegranate cultivars online, but they all have that distinctive trumpet-like shape at the bottom.
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seconding some form of pomegranates based on the seeds.
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I agree with allelopath - they definitely look like mormordica. But not bitter gourd specifically.

Bitter gourd is, ummm, an acquired taste. But supposedly very healthy. This looks like it should taste good, but I think that's because the seeds look like pomegranate seeds.
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My Orange County-based foodie friend says that is no passion fruit. He is also pretty sure that "no bitter melon in the history of history looks like that," that is, smooth and oblong. Bitter melon's usually warty and ridged.

It could be some other subspecies of Momordica.
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Here is a forum post with a similar question. The mystery fruit looks just like yours, and was identified as passion fruit by the other posters. I don't think it looks like what the internet says a passion fruit is supposed to look like, either, but at least there's another example there to back up MonkeySaltedNut's answer.
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Used to see those all the time in Southern California. I don't know what they are, but I do not know of anyone ever eating them, or even considering that they could be eaten.

They're fun to throw at your friends, though. Wear clothes you don't care about.
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Passiflora caerule "are sweet & mild. In 2002 many of the fruits were partially hollow & only one-third filled with seeds; the percentage of the interior taken up by seeds will vary from plant to plant & species to species. In 2003 the bright red pulpy seeds were much more tightly packed inside the eggs ... "
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Also, here's a picture found while doing a google image search for underripe passion fruit. Looks like that's the right answer.
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nthing doesn't look like pomegranate or passion fruit. I'm looking in a food encyclopedia, but i don't see anything exactly like it. Horned melon has (obviously) horns but the insides are orange/peach not bright red. Could it be a kind of guava? the seeds look wrong for that too.

from the photo, it looks like the part surrounding the seeds is feathery & dry... is that right?

What does it smell like?

I'm super curious as to what you learn about it!
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Wikipeia Passiflora_caerulea
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Apparently they kind of suck for eating, but they're edible, if Phunniemee and Monkey are right and it is Passiflora caerula (wikipedia).
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Response by poster: So is it underripe now and it'll get better?
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Not if the skunks keep eating it.
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It will get sweeter but blander as it ripens. Your fruit looks fairly ripe to me. I would taste it, and then skunks allowing, sample fruits allowed to ripen further on the vine.
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You've got Passiflora caerula. Not very tasty. The tasty passionfruit you see in farmers' markets and grocery stores is Passiflora edulis. They're related. I don't think yours is underripe. It's just that P. caerula fruit is orange and P. edulis fruit is purple.
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Looks to me like Banana Passionfruit. (Passiflora tarminiana = Passiflora mollisima). We had a vine of these on a back shed where I grew up in Northern Tasmania (It's regarded as a weed here in Australia).
If it is, it's absolutely delicious.
Soft orangey-yellowy skin that easily peels off using fingers (unlike regular passionfruit.) Has white membranous material just inside the skin - the skin looks a little like mandarine peel, but a matte rather than shiny outer skin surface. Inside looks exactly like a regular passionfruit.
The inner flesh is very like a passionfruit, but tastes rounder, sweeter, and less sharp.
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Bland edible fruit and the vines will pretty much takeover whatever is within its grasp. Or at least they did in the backyard of the old house speicus used to live in in Silver Lake.
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No one I know in LA eats the things, and most of them are "hey, what's this, let me chew it and find out if it's nice" types who will climb on your garage just to get at fruit from a tree you never really noticed was technically on your neighbor's property. I'm a strict "needs to say Dole and be in a can" person when it comes to fruit. Makes a terrible mess; I second the shirt-you-don't-care-about advice.
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A master gardener could definitely identify these. I am not sure about LA, but my local library has one in once a month. There is sure to be some kind of similar program in your area. If you do find someone, make sure to take leaves and fruit in for identification.

Upon googling, I see that there is a program run by UC Davis.
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Not very tasty as fruits go but when I was a child in the country, we loved this vine, both the flowers and later the Maypops which we always ate at least once when they showed up. We also made up games to play with them. I'd bet your visitors are eating them.
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Yeah it's passionfruit, used as a disease resistant grafting stock for the nice stuff, which is why it'll often turn up after the wanted passionfruit has died.
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