Relocating while on medicaid?
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Does anyone have any experience relocating to a different state while on Medicaid?

My grandmother is in an ALF a few miles away from my parents (and nowhere near anybody else) and now my parents are moving to a new state. Medicaid doesn't transfer state to state, and there are residency requirements, which means she can't go from one ALF to another. At this time it's not feasible that they withdraw her from the ALF, move with her, and allow her to live with them until she can qualify for ALF coverage in the new state (NJ). Does anybody have any experience moving state to state while on Medicaid? Any horror stories or suggestions?
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Best answer: We ended up calling a number of nursing homes / ALFs, and finally found one that was going to help us with the paperwork. It doesn't transfer, but Medicaid has a lot of wiggle room for this or that, so even though my grandmother wasn't a resident, they filled out and got the paperwork approved anyway because she was going to move as a result of my mom moving.

The nursing home does indeed suck, but it's paid for, and after she's here 6 mo to a year, she'll prolly move.
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