Help me remember three childhood movies
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Can you help me name three childhood movies based on the briefest snippets of scenes? I have only brief glimpses of scenes from three movies I watched on TV when I was a kid (~35 years ago). For years I've thought about those scenes and I'd like to identify the (probably obscure) movies to which they belong.

All movies are in English. I don't know if they are originally in color since I only saw them on a black-and-white TV.

They are:

Movie 1. An island has been split in two. Intrepid adventurers contrive to get the island joined abain by using, I believe, a whale to push one half back to the other half. I have a vivid image of a tree that had once ben split up the middle being rejoined almost perfectly. In the act of rejoining the halves of the island, a stone atop a mountain is unbalanced and dislodged, with grim meaning for the adventurers.

Movie 2. A man is amazed to find that his shrubbery (a rosebush?) puts out buds which blossom into money. I have a vivid image of someone unfurling a bud to reveal a hundred dollar bill folded neatly inside.

Movie 3. Probably in a cheapo horror flick, some evil villain has trapped hapless adventurers inside his lair. He has a room with walls that close in to crush his victims. I seem to recall that it is the villain himself who ends up getting trapped in the crushing walls. I have a vivid image of someone falling forward in the scene, out of view of the camera, as the walls close in and the scream of the victim is heard.

These scenes had a very lasting residual effect on me and I'd love to know where they're from. Thanks for any help you can provide on one or more of these!
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Best answer: Movie 1 is Doctor Doolittle, 1967.
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(link to wikipedia page for Doctor Doolittle 1967)
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Response by poster: Outstanding, lizbunny, thank you! I haven't seen Dr. Doolittle since I was probably five years old!
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Response by poster: Two more to go...!
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Best answer: You should uncheck the best answer until you get all three, otherwise people will think the question's been answered and not look inside.

Is #2 It Grows on Trees?
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Best answer: #2: It Grows on Trees?
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Response by poster: Holy COW, yes that's it! Awesome!

One left to go!
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Response by poster: Also, I removed the best answer mark until all three are answered or a week or so passes so I don't scare off anyone who might be able to help me with the third movie.
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#3: The Skull?
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There's a scene like #3 in the 1940 film serial "The Mysterious Doctor Satan," but that's probably too early. Though maybe it was broadcast on TV later?
posted by bubukaba at 12:28 PM on July 20, 2010 you remember *about* when you saw it? There are a lot of 'walls closing in' movies out there, I had no idea. Help us narrow it down ;)
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Response by poster: I saw the movie on TV probably in the early-to-mid '70s. I'll scope out what I can on both of those possibilities.

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Response by poster: Reading more about The Skull, I don't think that was it. But I'm going to see if I can find a copy of the movie and watch it just to be sure.
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If the hive mind doesn't come through on #3, it would be a good candidate for Kindertrauma.
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Response by poster: I've arranged for The Skull to be delivered this week via Netflix and I'll let you folks know whether that's the third one.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd go ahead and mark the best answers on the other two films, since comments have died down. Many thanks for your help on those!
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Response by poster: Just watched "The Skull". Sadly, it's not the scene I remember. But I'm grateful for having answers to the other two - thanks again!
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