Bermuda or US Virgin Islands?
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Short trip this August: Bermuda or USVI? Why, and where to stay/what to do?

I'd like to plan a trip for the girl I'm seeing and myself to go somewhere warm with beautiful beaches in early August.

We've narrowed the possibilities down to Bermuda or the US Virgin Islands. Bermuda, because it's close -- we're flying from Pittsburgh -- we can find cheap flights, and I've always wanted to see it. USVI because she's part Danish and there's lots of Danish history and influence there. I am aware that August is hurricane season in the Caribbean so that might be a factor too.

We're looking for a nice, low key, place to stay for 3 or 4 nights. Not super interested in all-inclusive packages. Definitely interested in being close to other activities (hiking/biking/poking around towns) besides sitting idly on the beach -- but that's a big draw too.

Have you been to either of these places? Do you have any recommendations for places to stay? Where would you go?
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I've never been to Bermuda, but the USVI has plenty to do. As a bonus, no passport is required. We stayed in a rented condo on St. Thomas for awhile (VRBO should turn up a decent selection), but also did some rustic beach-house-style camping at Cinnamon Bay in St. John. Never made it to St. Croix.
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I've been to Bermuda and to St John and I definitely recommend the USVI. Bermuda was pretty, but I felt like it was full of super-expensive resorts with a bunch of pasty white people and overpriced drinks.

St John was far less structured and I felt like there was a more organic (for lack of a better word) vibe to the place. The one thing we did that made a huge difference was we rented a Jeep in St Thomas then rode over on the ferry to St John. That way, we could explore the whole island on our own time and at our own pace. There's nothing like driving around, seeing a neat beach with nobody on it and getting out and making it your own.
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Never been to USVI, but Bermuda is gorgeous. Plenty to do for 3 or 4 days, great history, wonderful people...

August is potentially hot and/or rainy, but the week I was there in mid-August was beautiful. YMMV.

Bon voyage!
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On preview: totally (respectfully) disagree with missjenny. Bermuda is a bit upscale, yes, but I guess it depends on what you are looking for. You want to camp and kick back in a hammock, I hear St. John is great for that. You want something a bit more refined, Bermuda will fit the bill. It's not all snooty resorts, however: plenty of pubs and relaxed places, but a hippie surfer commune it most surely is not.
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August is hurricane season in Bermuda too.
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Bermuda is vastly superior to the USVI. Bermuda is more beautiful (with the exception of St. John). Bermuda has good quailty public transport, low crime, and a decided lack of drunk-ass Jimmy Buffett wannabes. USVI has the reverse.
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If you are considering the USVI, you really ought to think about the BVI, the neighboring British Virgin Islands. If you like American-style development, the American islands are for you. If you like great beaches and and a good time, look next door.
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August. USVI average high temp = 90°. Bermuda, 86°. Bright sun shining down on you.
Do you really want to hike/bike/sightsee under those conditions? Why not pick a destination that's more comfortable in August?
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Not exactly what you're asking, but if you do book your trip through Orbitz, the discount code 200entertain should give you a 200 dollar discount if you book a hotel/flight package through them.
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