Looking for more work! How do I become a marketing writer consultant?
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Anyone have experience as a creative content/marketing writer consultant?

I'm a marketing writer and I spend my days coming up with content for our company website, creating product flyers, materials, and video projects. I'd like to start doing some consulting (my company has no problem with working on the side) in order to make a little more money each month.

Does anyone out there have any experience with this? I do some actual web posting but for the most part it's very basic because we have a web group that does all that so I wouldn't really list that on my resume of skills.
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I was laid off from my government job last November, so I had to reinvent myself, and I did that by focusing on my core skillset, which is copywriting.

It would be nice if I had web skills, as well as proficiency in Illustrator, etc., but I'm not really interested in becoming a marketing resource - I'm more interested in leading teams and projects in the future, so, once again, I just focus on my core, which is providing quality, targeted copy, and being a responsive, non-flakey contractor. It's taken me several months to get up to full-steam with contracting.

I would say that if you are interested in cranking out web copy, you may wish to investigate SEO/SEM. Generally speaking, most websites are not optimized for SEO. Interestingly enough, one of the world's largest affiliate marketing companies (who passed on my job application) contracted me, through a partner, to optimize the copy on their website for search. It hadn't been done before.

SEO/SEM writing is also a useful target market for writers because, generally speaking, the ROI can be quantified. Either your copy and SEM strategies (white hat stuff that adds value to products and services which themselves add value, as opposed to spammming etc) increase hits, conversions, and, ultimately, revenue, or they don't.

There are a lot of "writers" out there, but, as with the lack of SEO-optimized websites, very few of these writers quantify their results.

Personally, I find SEO/SEM pretty challenging and intellectually stimulating. And there are a lot of opportunities as small business continues to shift from print-based marketing (yellow pages) to online.
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I would sign up for the website elance.com or try and hook up with a company named Solvate. Both give you the opportunity to do freelance work.
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You might start by exploring some WYSIWYG tools while improving the sites of businesses or non-profits you're already associated with. It's very easy to add StatCounter to these or Google's Analytics. This will allow you to feel comfortable with the part of content creation closest to what you already do while developing a portfolio. If you have an eye and things go well it will be fun to become proficient in other, more complicated, tools.
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