Do you like a movie theatre?
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I had a weird experience just now on MetaTalk. Is it a virus or an extension I've forgotten about.

I was just about to comment in the MetaTalk thread about women. I typed the word 'like' in the comment box - and I think I knocked the keyboard - and then a messaage box popped up titled "MetaTalk says:" and the content of the message box was "Do you like a movie theatre?"

I clicked "OK" and suddenly my browser was filled with a red theatre curtain. I clicked around a bit and then it was gone.

Was I imagining this? Did I just clock MetaTalk? Do I have a virus? Have I downloaded a browser extension and accidentally activated a shortcut combination (I'm using Chrome)? How do I activate this again? I'm using Panda Antivirus and I have no firewall. Also nothing out of the ordinary in processes.

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Turn Off the Lights Chrome Extension has an Easter Egg whereby if you press the shortcut key T you get a movie theater experience complete with red curtains and an exit sign.
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Oh wow, I've never even seen that before, but there it is in my extensions. Thanks. I do wanna lol.

This is kind of like that time the Kalm traveller gave me a white chocobo for beating Ruby WEAPON, except that was never resolved, and it was before digital cameras were common.
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