What kind of tree with sour leaves did we chew on at camp when I was a kid?
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When I was a kid, I went to a summer camp in North Georgia for several summers. There was this one tree near the main parking lot that, for some reason, we all used to pull leaves off of and chew on them. They had a really pleasant sour taste. Anyone know what kind of tree it might have been?

The staff were all very knowledgeable, and knew what we were doing, so I don't think there was any concern about anyone getting sick - and no one ever did, as far as I know. At the same time, I don't think the tree had been planted with this in mind, either.

If I remember correctly, the leaves were 2-3 inches long, light green, and smooth.
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Sassafras if they smelled like root beer. I don't think of it as "sour"......
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You might not remember, but did it have three different kinds of leaves on the same plant? If it did, it's definitely sassafras, as MrMoonPie said.
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Best answer: Sassafras leaves don't have much of a taste. Sorrel, however, seems to fit your description. It's also known as sourwood.

I first heard about it from a camp in Western NC.
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It wasn't Camp Mikell was it?
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Ginko tree?
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Sassafras has a very distinctive slimy texture that you would probably remember. It kind of like chewing ectoplasm. It also isn't sour. I'm with cirque - sorrel sounds most probable.
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Response by poster: This is exactly what the leaves looked like. Sourwood or Sorrel Tree (Oxydendrum arboreum). Thanks cirgue! And it looks like I can grow one here in South Alabama.

In case anyone's curious, or for future Google juice, it was Camp Cherokee for Boys on Lake Burton in Rabun County, Georgia. Awesome place. Got turned into a quasi-military camp, and then split up to be sold as homes.
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