What to drink with hot/spicy foods?
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Recommendations for what to drink with hot/spicy foods?

I have given up both soda and alcohol. Mostly I am getting along fine with tea and water, but neither of these goes really well with hot and spicy foods, like burritos or chili (with loads of hot sauce). What can I drink with the hot stuff that is reasonable in calories and is reasonably healthy?
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Mango lassi! Also milk is supposed to tame the spice. Yogurt smoothies are great too, they can have any kind of fruits added. Use lowfat yogurt.
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Ice cold skim milk. It cuts the heat and is refreshing.
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Dairy. It neutralizes the spicy oils that burn your mouth.
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Lassi, either sweet or salt, works well with curry so could be worth a try. V8 / tomato juice type drinks.
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Sugar helps as well. Not healthy, but you could mix up some Kool-Aid.
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An ice-cold bottle of seltzer might go down good... zero calories and none of the stuff in soda except for fizz. There's also flavored seltzers out there. If you're looking to curb the spiciness, then yeah, I'd be looking at cold milk.
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Fill a glass with ice, squeeze in half a lime, and fill it with carbonated water. The acidity of the lime will help cut the spice, and the flavors should go well together.
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horchata! it neutralizes spiciness well, and is delicious besides.
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And my first link mentioned "tea in Chinese restaurants" being helpful.
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Response by poster: Good ideas here. I probably should mention that I'm not really looking to cut the heat, I like the heat, bring on the heat, it's just that ice tea and water don't really mesh with those foods the way soda and beer did.
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Second Horchata, also Hibiscus flower water (agua de jamaica). Lemonade is good, too.
Carbonated drinks + hot food = hell in your mouth
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Thai iced tea is what I drink with really spicy Thai foods. You could also just make honey-sweetened black tea and ice that, the most important part (in terms of spice curbing) being to add milk to it, preferably not skim milk because that's too watery. 1% milk works. I guess the tea doesn't have to be sweetened, but I like it that way with spicy foods.
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8 oz of non-fat yogurt, half a pint of strawberries, 1 banana. Whiz it up in blender and enjoy.
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I really, really like rice pudding (I forget the Indian name for it) after a meal of spicey Indian food.
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Lemonade with fresh mint sprigs.
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3rd horchata. Also try aloe juice.
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Try aguas frescas.
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Capsacin is the chemical in spicy foods that burns your tongue. It is fat soluble, but not water soluble. So to get rid of it you need something fatty for it to bind to- yogurt in a lassi, milk, tortillas or chips all work well. In my experience, sodas, water and beer all just make it worse because the water doesn't bind to the capsacin, but they just spread it around.
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codacorolla: "I really, really like rice pudding (I forget the Indian name for it) after a meal of spicey Indian food."


I love horchata (and my local Mexican takeaway does a version with melon that is amazing), but it isn't exactly low cal. It does go well with spicy food, though.

I've always just drunk plain water. I suppose you could always do something like take plain ice water and let some fresh fruit (strawberry, melon, etc.) slices sit in it to infuse it a bit. Add or don't add fresh crushed mint leaves (just one or two, you want a hint not a landslide).
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Limonada? I just tried it yesterday, tossed two quartered limes in a blender with half a cup of sugar, 8c water -- wonderful, and so easy to make.
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I like just plain orange juice with spicy stuff.
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Mint tea
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You say you like soda--would you count sparkling apple cider as soda? If not, it would make a refreshing beverage to go with spicy foods when served cold. Or you can add seltzer to fruit juices to make homemade spritzers.

If you ever feel like drinking a bit of beer, you can mix one part beer with one part sparkling lemonade (still works too) to make a shandy. You could make the lemonade yourself with honey and add sparkling water.
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What's the reason you've given up on soda? If, like many people I know, you've given up on sugared sodas and think that diet sodas taste bad, I recommend giving Coke Zero a try. It really is a thousand times better than any other diet soda. I've converted several diet soda haters to Coke Zero drinkers!

If you object to the chemicals and artificial sweeteners, then please ignore!
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Gew├╝rztraminer usually pairs well with spicy foods :)
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