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Where can I find waste timber or wood products in Manchester, UK? I'm looking for any and all scrap wood for some DIY projects.

I have a number of ideas that I'd like to make in wood but I don't have the cash to buy new wood off the shelf. Surely there must be some good sources of scrap wood left over from building jobs, renovations and so on, wood that would otherwise just go into a skip and be thrown away. I can use that wood.

I have no objection to pre-processing, de-nailing, some light skip diving, whatever it takes, I just need some raw materials to work with. I keep trying FreeCycle, preloved, ebay, general searching but little comes up. Where should I try?
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I can't speak to the UK in particular, but in the US hardwood shipping pallets are often discarded by... well, by any business that receives supplies shipped on pallets. This is low-grade wood that may never have been kiln dried, but you can get some small pieces of useful stock out of it.

The scrap from construction jobs generally goes straight into a dumpster, soon destined for a landfill. The only way you're going to get that stuff is from the construction site itself. Get permission, lest you be accused of theft.
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I would agree with jon1270.

I work for a shopfitting company installing shelving in supermarkets... I know when a new store gets built there is often about 100 pallets left on site. Sometimes it's not cost effective to organise a wagon to take these away and companies would be more than happy for members of the public to take them away for free.
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Best answer: Try your local Household Waste Recycling Center (Google HWRC Manchester).
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I have been stopped from removing things from Household Waste Recycling Centres by the attendants on the nebulous grounds of "health and safety" so that might not work. I'd suggest speaking to your local timber centre and asking for their offcuts.
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