How do I search all Skype history contents?
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How do I search the contents of all Skype chat history on OS X? Skype's regular search feature only searches the topics of old chats, but not the contents. I swear I found a way to do this some time back that involved typing some undocumented commands to create an index and then search it, but Google is failing me. I do have Skype's feature to keep chat history forever turned on.
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Were you thinking of this hint? It looks like a partial solution, however as they note it doesn't update.
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Response by poster: jardinier: That only seems to work for a single contact at a time, and doesn't seem to work for group chats. In my case I don't know which group chat contained a conversation (it happened many months ago), thus the need for a global search through all chat history.
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If you're comfortable using a terminal command, you could try adding the location of the skype chat history folder to spotlight. I don't use Skype, but they say it's in here under your skype username:


To add a folder to your spotlight index use:

mdimport -f

followed by the folder location. Also, if you don't want spotlight indexing this, you can do a search of just that folder at any time using this technique. However, all of this assumes that the chat contents are readable and not hidden in some way...
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Response by poster: jardinier: The chat contents are stored in binary files that Spotlight doesn't really know what to do with. I have sometimes used 'grep' to find old messages, but due to the structure of the files this is really only helpful for finding an individual message, not for finding a whole chat.
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