I am sure I have done this before, but I might just be dim
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WiFi SharingFilter: I know I have done this before, but I am suffering memory fail. I have a WiFi network and a Vista machine (not a server) with a shared folder.

Every time I add a new folder inside the shared Vista one, it doesn't take the parent properties. It is visible from other networked machines but inaccesible. I am sure I can add visbility/accessibility recursively to all folders and files inside that shared folder. but I forget how and my google fu is weak today.
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Best answer: Once a folder is shared the subfolders are accessible too. Have you checked the NTFS permissions? On the Security tab of the top level folder, click the Advanced button, then Change Permissions, then select "Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object".
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Response by poster: Close enough for a cookie.

It turned out to be Select Folder/Properties/Security tab/Advanced button/Permissions tab/Edit button/

select duplicate user permission/Remove button

Select user/check "replace..."/Apply

No idea how the duplicate occurred, but it seemed to be what was stuffing me around. IanMorr was right about where I should be looking, so props.
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