Anything but Clothes, Ideas needed!
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Need ABC (Anything but clothes) costume idea. Looked everywhere and I can't find anything really creative.

I have to go to this ABC party and I looked on the internet but can't find anything good to make. Im specifically looking for something provocative that would help open conversations. Help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. - Im a dude.
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A few questions that may help people guide if you can shed some light on their answers:
What isn't good enough about the rest of the suggestions on the Internet? What is "provocative" for you? Do you mean provocative-sexy or provocative-funny or -clever or -controversial? Are you willing to wear very little clothing? How much money do you want to put into it? What sort of environment are you in (college campus, cubicle farm) that might yield interesting source material? Do you have particular skills (welding, cake decorating, plumbing) that might come in handy when putting together something like this?
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Also, what kind of effect are you trying for? Do you want to accentuate some trait you have (e.g. you job, your major, your height)? Would you prefer to go against some trait? Do you want to encourage people to touch you (i.e. a "pettable costume") or would you prefer to not do that?
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I saw a variant of this made with a plastic garbage can from a local hardware store that worked well.
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I'm trying to go for a Funny/Clever look. If i can keep it under $40 then its worth it. Haha, i wonder how they made the barrel out of garbage bags.
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Some sort of home-made tribal islander grass skirt thingy, perhaps? A sumo wrestler uniform? Bodypaint? How about this? Or this?!?

Seriously, though, how far do you want to go? (Or should that be "how naked do you want to get?")
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You could get an old jumper and sweatpants and glue to it:

Rubber derriere from a Joke shop
The back ends from some cheap stuffed toys
Boxes for suppositories

And claim you're wearing "Anything Butt" clothes?
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It was a garbage can, not bags. You cut out a body hole, attach suspenders and you're done.
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Tie a potato around your waist. You're a dick-tator. If you have a date, have her tie a lemon around hers. She's a sour-puss.
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Stick some cotton balls to a blue shirt in cloud-like patterns. Carry a squirt bottle or water gun. When people ask what you are, tell them "partly cloudy with a chance of rain" and squirt them.
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If I were doing this I'd try to go as classy as possible and make a dress, but you're a dude, so a suit (complete with tie) out of garbage bags (or duct tape).

Just buy something super-cheap at a thrift store to rip apart and use as a pattern; join the seams with tape.
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If you don't mind something on the skimpy side, you could wear swim trunks, a shower cap and attach blue and white balloons around your waist/butt area. You're a bubble bath!
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(You don't have to wear the swim trunks but as the balloons stand a chance of popping, it might be wise.)
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You could cover yourself with hay and suggest to tha ladies that they take a roll in it

You could use pages from a phone book and be all like "hey baby can I get your number- for strictly informational purposes"
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Also guys, he can't wear swim trunks or a shirt with stuff on it, those are clothes!
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I was the queen of duct-tape and trashbag dresses, but since you are a dude, I would suggest that you use paper bags adn duct tape to fashion a cape for you r upper and trash bags and duct tape to make a basic kilt shape for your lower. Then use electrical tape in different colors to create a plaid looking pattern.

You will be happy to have the easy access to your wingwang for going to teh bathroom at an Anything But Clothes party. I've see a lot of guys regret those duct tape pants...
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Morning Wood.
Cheap white t-shirt with a big sun drawn on (front and back) and wear a log like a necklace around your neck (think flava flav but the camping version).
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Wrap yourself in caution tape and go as Lady Gaga.
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Cardboard robot.

Why do I have to keep reminding people how awesome cardboard robots are?
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Saran Wrap - wrap it around your hips that it is opaque. Kind of difficult to walk in, but certainly provocative.

A cardboard box is also a potential option - it can be decorated as anything you want.

A towel is a classic in this situation - you can really grease up your hair if you want to give that "just showered" look.
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I was an encyclopedia last Halloween. All it took was a big paper-covered cardboard box.
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I went as the fortune telling machine from the movie Big. Got a big cardboard box and cut out the sides. Tied some straps to it to wear it like suspenders. Throw in some creative decorating (I glued cheap velvet inside for that "luxurious" fortune teller ambiance, a cheap plastic ball, some home made fortune cards). Went over VERY well. I did dress up inside with a turban and silky clothes so I'm not sure if that breaks the ABC rule.
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