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Best Verizon smartphone for syncing with Outlook?

It's upgrade time and I want a smartphone that I can sync with my calendar in Outlook without too much fuss.


-On the Verizon network

-Doesn't require me to have admin rights (work computer) or for our IT department to purchase or maintain anything. (I could get software installed on my machine, but not on the server)

-Preferably wireless syncing, but wired is acceptable if required

I like the idea of Blackberry, but I'm open to other options. The reviews that I've looked at for smartphones don't seem to talk much about this particular feature, so I'm turning to Mefi!
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Best answer: For the past 2 years I have used a Palm Centro that worked nicely with Outlook (except in all my attempts I never got my task list to sync properly, wired or wirelessly).

My upgrade coincided with the release of the Droid X. While the android platform does not directly sync with Outlook, it does sync with Google calendar and there is a downlad that syncs Google calendar with outlook. I was a bit sceptical at first but my calendar updates have all worked and everything has synced with items I have entered on my home laptop, my work desktop and my Driod.

IMHO, the superiority of the Droid platform makes up for it not directly syncing with Outlook.
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Droid of course. Android has built-in wireless Exchange sync. If your IT dept supports Windows Mobile or Iphone then they support Droid as it uses the same protocol. Mind you, this is exchange syncing to the server, not syncing to the Outlook client. I'm not sure how you can sync to Outlook with BB without admin rights.
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Android, with Touchdown.
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