How to randomly text message myself a reminder?
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I'm searching for a web service that is similar to the reminder function of 37 Signal's Backpack. My goal is to populate a series of messages and have those messages randomly (both in order and time) sent to my phone on a repeating basis. Does anyone know of such a service?
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Google calendar will SMS you. (I can't quite parse "both in order and time," so I'm not sure what you're asking.
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As goblinbox says, if you set up an event in google calendar, and you have a phone # linked to your google account, SMS is one of the ways you can receive an event reminder.
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If you have an email client that lets you schedule an email, you can send emails to your phone that will arrive as SMS. The address varies depending on your carrier, but if you google Carrier name + sms + email it will get you results. Here are some common ones.
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Remember the Milk is a to-do app that will send SMS reminders.
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Here's a more comprehensive list of email to SMS gateways.
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