How do I treat Molluscum Contagiosum?
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I am a healthy guy who caught Molluscum Contagiosum from a sexual partner. I have gone to a dermatologist many times about the virus and he has given me Aldara as treatment. It seemed to work all right at first, but I just keep getting them and am looking for alternatives to Aldara. I have had them frozen off, but doing that tends to leave scars. I only seem to have them on my stomach an a couple on my inner thigh. I've read about some other treatments that I found on Google, but I would rather hear about how someone else treated it. I'm getting really frustrated by it (and so is my girlfriend). I would like to get rid of them once and for all.
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The treatment options I was given was either to zap 'em off with cryotherapy, as you've had done, or to simply wait them out -- they'll go away eventually. I've opted for the latter, since it's relatively benign. No more than a nuisance -- I've always had bad skin, so I guess I'm better able to put up with it. It is taking its time, though, so patience is indicated -- I think I read somewhere that it took up to a couple of years in most cases to clear out. (In my case, I don't know how I caught it; no recent partners have it. I seem to be the patron saint of obscure diseases. Chalk it up to a wonky immune system.)
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I mysteriously and non-sexually got these buggers as well. I had them zapped off by a dermatologist. It was relatively painless and quick. I have no scars whatsoever and the condition has not since returned. YRMV.
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taang - when you say you had them zapped off, does that mean a laser was used or were they frozen off?
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I remember having this for a few months as a kid. It's highly contagious and you will keep getting reinfected elsewhere if you touch the existing infections. So the best option is to freeze off all the bumps at once and hope your immune system kicks in. Another option is what my mom did: keep a bandage over the bumps at all times until they go away.
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Mine were frozen off with some liquid nitrogen-looking stuff. I'm not sure if there is a laser treatment option.
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