Converting cassette tapes to mp3
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Does anyone know of a self contained device that can convert cassette tapes to mp3 or burn them to a CD? If not, what is the best software and setup to use with computer? I've got a zillion cassette tapes. Help!
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Can't tell you if it's really as good as it looks, but check this out.
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If you absolutely need a 'self-contained' device, go with something like scarabic's suggestion. But, you could do it a bit cheaper by getting a device like this (unless your computer already has a line in jack), hooking it up to your standard tape deck, and capturing the sound through your computer using Audio Hijack or something similar. Granted, you'll only be able to import at 1x, but that's about the only speed you can digitize analog sound.

Alternatively, I'm sure there's a service somewhere that'll do this for you, albeit expensively.
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Anyone know if there's anything like the PlusDeck around for Mac hardware/OS X?
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there was a post about this here earlier. here is the link. I don't know if this is exactly what you're looking for but I thought it might help.
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Alan: this plus a Walkman and the appropriate male-to-male cord (which you can pick up from Radio Shack) did the trick for me. You may not even need the linked bit if your Mac has an audio-in port.
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