Lusty boots
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Please hope me find a pair of shiny red boots!

I fell in love with these shiny red boots a couple of weeks ago at Laurent at Melbourne Central. (The awesome ones with the elastic straps across the front). The style of boot is called "Together". Unfortunately, coming towards the end of season, the stock was limited and they didn't have them in my size. I also tried the Chapel Street shop, and they didn't have any either.
Unfortunately I cannot get them out of my head and I must have a pair of shiny red boots.
While I am lusting after these particular boots, I am also open to similar shiny red boots and am open to having a pair custom made if need be. I've done a little bit of wandering shoe shops & browsing online, and it's not easy to find boots that are not brown or black.
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You might try asking the store if they can order a pair in your size from a different location. I also suggest setting up an eBay alert for them; I got a pair of red pumps that way long after they were gone from the stores.
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Fluevog has some sweet boots. According to their website, they are sold at a store in Melbourne called Sole Devotion. Would be worth going to the store to see what they have. This isn't really boot season for Fluevog, but maybe they have some of the most recent season's styles still at the store.
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Zappos has quite a few boots that resemble the ones you linked to (although it's difficult to judge the match without knowing which particular features you liked). U.S. company, but I'm pretty sure they ship internationally.
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What size do you wear? Would these work?
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Boots for Broads has nice instructions on self-measuring for boots, if you end up having a pair made.
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A bit less shiny than you're looking for, or just as shiny but a bit shorter. For colourful boots I always look first at DMs - if you can't find a local store the US online store says it ships internationally.
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