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I'm looking for a recipe site that will take input on a bunch of dishes that I like, then automatically suggest new recipes that I might enjoy. Does this site exist?

Netflix does it. Amazon does it. I'm sure a recipe site could do it as well. Surely someone has thought of this idea already - right?
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I don't think this exists beyond "I have x ingredient(s), what can I make?" I think it would be much more complicated than an item-level recommendation engine; Amazon and Netflix don't have to account for cilantro.
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Cookthink doesn't do exactly what you're looking for, but it does some food-association stuff that might help.
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SuperCook figures out what you can cook based on ingredients you have. Not exactly what you are looking for but still possibly helpful.
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I agree that it wouldn't be super-easy, rhizome, but I think some basic functionality would be easy enough to start with. People who like spaghetti, also liked lasagna, etc. The problem is where to get a database of users, recipes, and maybe even ratings.

As a follow-up question, are there recipe database sites out there that make their data public (or at least scrapable)? Like Delicious, but for recipes, and possible with ratings? (yes, I know I can start by searching delicious for recipes)

Where I'm going with this is that it might be possible to mine that data and start building a site that does what I want. Hrmm...
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