26 ga sheet copper, New York, today
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Where can I find sheet copper in New York today?

Metalliferous is closed on Saturday, and I need some 26-28 ga sheet copper asap. I need a piece that's at 12" x 15", but if all I can find is 12" x 12", I may try it. Where can I find it in New York?
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Would a big hardware or Home Depot carry this as flashing for roofs?
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Usually copper flashing is 16 ga. Home depot said on the phone that they didn't have any idea what I was talking about, but their salespeople are notoriously clueless.
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Set your google maps to "sheet metal" and zoom in on Red Hook/Gowanus.
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Set your google maps to "sheet metal" and zoom in on Red Hook/Gowanus.

Actually, what you need to Google is "alloy sheet metal." I don't know precisely where in New York you're located, but this site might be a good starting place for your seach.
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Thanks to Jon_Evil, I found it at Master Sheetmetals at 506 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY‎, after calling about five other places that didn't pick up their phones.

Next, I need two live badgers by tomorrow night. The fate of the universe depends on it.
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I don't think you're supposed to use AskMeFi to ask two questions. It may seem urgent right now, but I'm sure the universe can wait a week.
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