Need malware help!
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Malware filter. Need virus help! Just caught something that looks like THIS -- what is it and how can I annihilate it?

For a 2nd screencap, click the thumbnail to the right of the one linked to in title.

Running XP & McAfee & Firefox. Despite malware's threat, it didn't shut me down, tho it did crash Firefox. McAffee blocked a few attempt to access Internet.

Anybody recognize it?
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Toss McAfee in the trash and download Microsoft Security Essentials.
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I found this by googling "defense center installer malware."
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Also the guys over at have a great forum dealing with malware removal.
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I've had pretty good luck with this program. I usually hit this one and MBAM in safe mode.
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I'll second the forums. You'll see a lot of people there recommend ComboFix--and I'd agree. It finds malware that Malwarebytes often misses, and it deals with rootkit issues like a superstar.
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Instructions on how to remove it from bleeping computer.

Warning: do not install Stopzilla advertised at the top of page. It's a fake, or at least very sketchy, anti-malware program that advertises on websites that offer removal instructions. A friend of got burnt with that about a month ago.

The bleeping computer site itself is legit though. I've used their instructions (and Malwarebytes) for similar infections before with good results.
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I've had the best success using kaspersky anti virus . They have a 30 day free trial you can take advantage. You may have a hard time installing it. Try downloading it then installing in safe mode.
You can also try malaware antimalware. Perhaps in combination--get one installed if you can then install the other.
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May I piggyback?

Does this defensecenter malware crap also throw links to gay pornsites on as well? My boss' computer at work was attacked yesterday (the bad news is that our server is connected to her computer and our FTD system is useless till this is fixed.)

SHE thinks she got this because she left a window open after searching the US Postal website. (Yup, my eyes are rolling too.)

We have Vista-so what of the above recommendations would work for us too? Having this sort of thing happen makes our jobs hell.
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the virus in question has a million variants, the main thing it consistently does is send up a ton of anti virus warnings that look kind of official and always direct you to buy and install their antivirus software. In addition it can take over your browsing, using a proxy server to send you wherever they want. Also it will tend to prevent you from running some antivirus programs and even common system utilities like task manager.
i've never never used vista but i would think the above 2 programs i mention would help there just as well.
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Many of these have lately also been coming with TDSS rootkits, which can be a pain to get rid of. Here's what I would do:

1) Download, install, update, and run a "quick scan" of the free version of Malwarebyte's Anti Malware.
2) Download, install, update, and run a Spybot - Search and Destroy.
3) Download and run Kaspersky's TDSSkiller.
4) Restart the machine.
5) Run Malwarebyte's Anti Malware again, this time doing a "full scan".

That'll most likely take care of it.
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Response by poster: Thanks to all. Seems to be resolved. Used the safety scan at Windows Live. The usual pain but it worked. Considering Chocolate Pickle's advice to trash McAffee and go with MS Security Essentials.

Is that easy to use? I'm not a tech. Close than most non-techs. But not a tech.
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One of the reasons to go with Microsoft Security Essentials is that it is very easy to use. Other advantages:

1. It's free.
2. Updates are free.
3. Microsoft has a huge vested interest in trying to prevent Windows from being the target-of-choice for malware and virus writers, so they're throwing big bucks at the problem.
4. It doesn't bring the machine to its knees during normal usage. (Which is a huge problem with recent versions of Norton and McAfee.)
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Response by poster: And 5: This has happened twice in 18 months with McAfee.

Adds up to a good case. Many thanks, CP.
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Just ignore all the scary warning messages but FOLLOW ITS DIRECTIONS TO THE LETTER. It's an incredibly powerful program that can nuke your computer if you try to mess with how it's run; however, it is also the strongest virus killers I know.
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