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I am convinced that there exists handbell music that will blow your mind. I am convinced that you know where it is. I'd like you to help me find the best goddamned handbell music that was ever goddamned made.
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The Trans-Siberian Orchestra song "Wizards in Winter" has been played on handbells, and with a big enough ensemble it's pretty impressive.
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Not sure if it blows the mind so much as boggles it, but: Korn!
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Probably not quite what you're looking for, but entertaining...
carol of the bells claymation special
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I have a friend who used to work at a hand bell manufacturer. Their website has an events calendar and articles that could help you hone in on the big names in the industry, which should lead you to some pretty amazing stuff. I'd also just contact the manufacturer to ask them what's the best thing out there. They ought to be pretty well versed about their own industry!
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Are you looking for sheet music to perform, or just recordings of amazing handbell performances? If the latter, Kiriku will probably blow your mind. I have seen them perform in person and my jaw was on the floor pretty much the entire time (and I say this as someone who has played handbells for over 8 years now). I've found two videos (1, 2) of them on YouTube, and this longer one on Vimeo that consists of about half of their 2007 tour DVD. If you like any of what you see there, I would encourage you to order the DVD. You won't regret it. These guys are incredible.

(If you want to start with your mind being blown, skip to 17:06 in the Vimeo video and start from there.)
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I've rung Wizards in Winter (in church no less) and it is pretty damn spectacular. Christmas Eve Sarajevo, naturally, is also scored for handbells, although we haven't done that one.

Pirates of the Caribbean was also super fun to ring - these kids do a nice job.

Flight of the Bumblebee as a malleted duet makes me smile. And solo ringing is always awesome.

If you really want your mind blown, check out Campanile, now sadly defunct.

And get your game on with Handbell Hero!
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Not really handbells, but the best damned bell music period I've heard is Brian Eno's (all simulated bells of course) January 07003: Bell Studies for the Clock of the Long Now. Amazing music.
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