Relaxing getaway for 3 in the Pacific NW (with a twist)
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I want to treat myself to a relaxing weekend while my husband is away on an international trip. (Twist: a menage a trois....)

...well'll be me, a 19 month old and a 20 week old fetus. I just need a change of scenery for a little. Now obviously it would be nice to be able to leave the toddler, but there's no one to leave her with so she comes with me.
So my question is, where can i go for a couple of days to unwind, (hotel, resort, whathaveyou) that has childcare on site, so i can get a pre natal massage/pedicure/girlytype things done.
Bonus if it's not too far from Seattle.
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Have you considered gig harbor? It's a town I love love love.

I'm sure their chamber of commerce can help you narrow down your choices.
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Areus is a spa/retreat/yoga facility in Walla Walla. Drive from Seattle is 5 hours; a flight is 35 minutes.
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You could take the Clipper to Victoria BC and stay in a spa there - the exchange rate would probably help subsidize your travel and hotel costs.

Victoria is child friendly and walkable (I live with my family, including a 1-year-old and a 7-year-old about 5 minutes' walk from the downtown core).

This spa offers childcare. You could even call Tourism Victoria to help narrow down a spa that suits your needs.
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I have no experience with this company, but you could stay home and let them bring a massage therapist, a babysitter and dinner to you. New Born You No driving required!
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