My boyfriend and I are getting married in Reykjavik, Iceland next summer -- looking for the perfect hotel!
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We are planning on getting married in Reykjavik in August of 2011, and have begun the process of looking for the proper venue. Any advice on a great hotel where we can have the ceremony?

As this will be a destination wedding (the majority of our guests will be coming from the east and west coasts of the U.S.), we would like to keep as much of the event as possible in one place. We would love to have some kind of ceremony surrounded by natural beauty at the hotel, and the hotel must large enough to house about 50-75 guests.

The good news is that there are plenty of hotels just outside of Reykjavik surrounded by outdoorsy gorgeousness where we could have a wedding. But most of the more rural hotels top out at around 25-30 rooms, which will not be enough to handle all of our guests. So, in short, we are looking for a larger hotel reasonably close to Reykjavik where we can also get married!

Anyone have any recommendations or insight? We really appreciate your help. Thank you so much in advance.
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My wife and I got married on Videy. Ridiculously beautiful spot in the Reykjavik harbor.

Our wedding involved the two of us, a priest (her husband and children picked tagged along to the island and picked us flowers) and a photographer so it was easy to fit all 4 of us in the tiny church. For bigger weddings, the island caretakers/restaurant are equipped to do the whole thing outside.

Feel free to drop me a message if you have 'foreigner getting officially married in Iceland' (assuming that's the case) questions or whatnot!
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What kind of wedding? civil ceremony or religious ceremony (links go to the different officials you need to contact)
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I can't think of a hotel near Reykjavík that would fit 50-75 guests. The best I can think of is having the core guests stay in that hotel and everybody else would be spread out between a bunch of others. I'm sure if you explained the situation to the people at the hotel you'd choose, they'd happily coordinate with other local guesthouses and hotels to accommodate everyone.
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Blue Lagoon? =]
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