Looking for a good, beginner Spanish class.
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Beginner Spanish classes for adults in Los Angeles.

I would love to get some recommendations from anyone who has taken a beginning Spanish course in Los Angeles that they enjoyed. My dream is to eventually become as fluent as possible without moving out of the U.S. (but first things first). Right now, I know about a dozen nouns and some colorful swears.

In Googling, I have found so many classes available that it's hard for me to choose. I'm willing to spend about $400 max per "semester." Closer to Hollywood is better, but I can travel. I'd also like at least part of the class to be in a setting, with other people, so I can practice with someone other than the computer.

Thanks for any advice!
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$ave you looked at the City Collehes? My SO took Spanish 101 at SBCC and it was fine.
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Santa Monica City College has a good reputation. You can apply and register for most LA area community college fall semester classes now. City colleges also offer conversational classes, but usually only for summer sessions.
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