Cheapest way to call mobiles internationally
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Hi my girlfriend is in australia for the next year. Skype is fantastic but I've been looking into the cheapest way to call her mobile from mine (UK, Virgin) So far the best I've found are these their 7.5p a min which is pretty cheap but I've had a dropped calls nad connection errors already. Does anyone know of any alternatives? Just to be clear i'm ringing from a UK mobile to an australian mobile. Also if anyone knows of a cheap way of doing the reverse Aussie mob - UK mob i would be very greatful. Thanks
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If your phone is unlocked then try looking at a Lebara Mobile SIM as they offer low prices calls to many international locations.
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Sorry, meant to say "low priced calls" but this phone keyboard tried to be overly clever!
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I have used Sim4Travel when living abroad in the past, it basically would make your girlfriend have a UK number in Aus so you could call her at a local rate.
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Skype just sent me an e/mail (today, as a matter of fact) telling me I now have a number (Skype To Go) I can use with my mobile phone to make international calls. you might want to check into that.
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You know you can run Skype app on some phones right?
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Try They will give you a UK local number which will patch to her Australian mobile or landline number for pennies. You will be able to call her number using your minutes on virgin plus a very small per minute charge paid to by credit card.
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You can make free calls between the UK and Australia with Rebtel. It's one of those services that creates a local number for each of you. I've been using it to call Norway for free for several years now and love it.
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Can be used from any phone, incl. cell
08004047784 access number
2Phone $0.0774 / min
2Mobile $0.2524 /min

Cheaper if you use VOIP ($0.029 / min)

Probably but it is more geeky. Dial in from a phone to DID and then dial out is also possible but I have not tried this option yet.
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