Place to stay on Michigan lakeshore?
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Recommend a place to stay - tonight! - on the Michigan lakeshore.

We are taking a very last-minute road trip through Michigan and ideally we would like to stay some place on the Lake Michigan shore tonight. Warren Dunes, my favorite place to camp, is of course full. Can you recommend other nice spots?

I am open to camping or cute, not-to-crowded hotels/motels, as long as they provide access to the lake.

We are coming from Chicago.

Failing lakeshore plans, other nice places in western or central Michigan would be okay.
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The State Parks are all probably booked as well, but we've had a nice time at Claybanks before. Its a county park & campground located on Lake Michigan and not too far off the beaten path.

Otherwise, you should be able to find a hotel in Grand Haven or Muskegon and then spend the day at the beaches there--if so, I'd recommend North Beach (between GH and Muskegon), which is usually MUCH less crowded than GH State Park.
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Can you make it all the way to Manistee? The state park there is on a bluff overlooking the lake, and there's a step down. Unless the beach there has eroded away since I was there.
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I should add, from the park you're 10-20 min. away from the city beaches. There are various hotels in town too, that would be similar drives away (not far, but small-town speeds) but I grew up there so have never had to stay in them.
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My family and I stayed a couple of nights at P.J. Hoffmaster State Park, near Muskegon, a few years back (back when I was living in Chicago.) The campground wasn't terribly private (tall pines with very little understory), but the lakeshore was very nice.
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Indiana Dunes? Same lake, same dunes, different state. Just a bit further south.
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