Small Rabbit Destroys Seoul With Cute
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Cute filter: I'm going to Seoul for the first time in a few weeks, and my burning question is, where can I buy the Miffy mp3 player?

It is produced by Mobiblu, a Korean company, and I would like both the Miffy mp3 player and the accompanying garden dock (warning: link may destroy you with extreme cute).

Where can I buy this in Seoul and would anyone know what I might expect to pay for it? Looking at the prices online, there is a large range in prices, from $50 to $100 USD or around 350 RMB (on Taobao) for just the player alone.
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No idea on the cost, but you'll find the best deals at the Yongsan Electronics Market as it has 5000+ stores. It's also right at the subway stop.
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OMG how adorable is that! Watching the answers here for future reference.
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Ok, found it on Amazon, at $50 a bit pricey for a 2 gig player, but who cares, right? Docking station sold separately.
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Yongsan for sure.
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DealExtreme has it for $18.10, shipped. No docking station, though.
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If you're in Seoul, why not just order online and have it shipped to your local address? Shipping takes like 2-3 days, tops.
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DealExtreme has it for $18.10, shipped. No docking station, though.

One of the commenters suggests this is a cheap copy of the real thing, hence no docking station.
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Response by poster: Hi everyone,

I just wanted to write a follow-up to this. I went to Seoul over the weekend and found the Miffy player with the dock and two changes of silicone clothes at Yongsan's iPark Mall. I just bought it at the first vendor that I found it carrying the mp3 player. I paid 100,000 KRW for it (about 85 USD), bargaining it down a bit from 130,000 KRW.

One caveat, even though it is utterly adorable, the sound quality out of the speaker/dock is pretty poor and not very loud, considering the price.
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