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Where in New York City can I buy Becherovka?

About a year ago, it was possible to buy Becherovka in NYC. And then it wasn't. HORROR. The fine folks at Astor Place Liquors told me the distributor went belly-up and I was out of luck until another company took over.

This recent blog post from... some... guy (?) says that Becherovka's parent company is starting a new big push into US markets. Meaning it might be available again soon?

So, New York types: have you seen Becherovka in the wild? At a liquor store? In a bar? In the hand of some guy on the street? It's very nearly my birthday, and I wish to celebrate with herbal bitters.
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Two years ago, I bought a bottle of Becherovka from Warehouse Wine & Spirits at 735 Broadway, between Waverly and Astor Place.
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It looks like you can buy it online and have it delivered to your door through the Westchester Wine Warehouse.
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If you're willing to cross the border, the liquor stores in Ontario seem to be carrying it now.
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Response by poster: Warehouse Wine & Spirits is, as of yesterday evening, fresh out. With no plans for restocking.

Thanks, brambory, that's a good solution of next resort. But short of buying in bulk, there'd be a significant premium for delivery. It may ultimately be worth it, but I'm hoping to find a brick and mortar solution.
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Best answer: from... some... guy (?)

Robert Simonson writes about beer, wine, liquor, and cocktails for a number of publications including the New York Times, Imbibe, Edible Brooklyn, and more. I'd trust him.

If Pernod Ricard is the owner and plans to do a re-launch. They also own brands you might have heard of like Absolut, Jameson, Beefeater, etc.

I'd contact someone at Pernod Ricard USA but right now is probably the worst time to talk to people at Pernod Ricard because they're all about to leave for New Orleans to go to Tales of the Cocktail (perhaps they're relaunching it there?). Technically, it's July 21-25 but a lot of people get there early to hang out in New Orleans. I'd wait until they get back.

Do you have any bartender friends who might be going? Perhaps they could grab some, uh, samples for you.

BTW, who did you talk to at Astor Wines? My friend Stephanie works there and knows all the distributors, she might be able to help and chase it down for you as a special order. Once she gets back from Tales of the Cocktail, of course.
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Best answer: I'd also tell you to contact Greg and Christina at Mud Puddle Books/Cocktail Kingdom because they stock rarities on occasion, but I have a feeling they're already in New Orleans as well.
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I've gotten it in the past at Grand Wine & Liquor in Astoria. I'd give them a call to check if they still have any left. There's a fairly sizable Czech population in that neck of the woods, so they might have had a bigger stock than most places.
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Response by poster: Thanks, neroli. I called them. No dice.
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Response by poster: Update: Astor Wines now says "[they've] heard it will be released again at the end of summer, maybe into the fall."

I suppose I can be patient. Thanks everyone!
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