Chromeplus not plus-ing
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Chromeplus browser for windows: I want to like it, cannot grok how it's supposed to block ads.

So chromeplus (in theory?) has an adblock+ style ad blocker built-in. I have subscribed to one of the lists on the options page. I have saved my preference and restarted. I still see all ads on every web site. What am I missing?

I also installed an extension, recommended at the bottom of the ad blocking options screen, PlusAdblock, which in theory (I think) is supposed to allow me to have something akin to the right-menu "block this" you get when you have adblock+ installed on firefox.

I'd like to like this browser but am having a hard time figuring out why it's not doing what it says it does on the tin.
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After you subscribe to a blocklist, you have to click Save at the bottom of the page and restart the browser. Seems to work OK to me.
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