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Is there a way of getting an RSS feed to post itself automatically inline into a 'Blogger' weblog?

I've asked similar questions before, but I've had another thought. Is there a website or system which effectively makes a new post at Blogger each time a new item appears in an RSS feed. I'm not talking about in the side bar, I'm talking about as actual blog posts. Although I've been using feedburner I want something which effectively does the same but on my own blog.

Now that I read that back I'm not sure if it makes any sense. Best see what happens.
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Erik Benson of the Robot Coop, the guys that run 43things, uses the Bloglines API and a Ruby script to capture and republish his various feeds as a single feed, which he publishes as his main blog content. I'm not sure you can integrate this with a blogspot site, but it's worth a read nonetheless. I don't think there's any easy way to do this quite yet with Blogger.
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I know this is possible in wordpress, in a couple of different ways. So if nobody else can volunteer a way to do it on blogger, and if it's important enough to you, you might look into switching. There's a free wordpress host out there, and one way to do it would be to use bloglet to convert your rss feed into emails, which you then email to wordpress' email-to-post feature.

In blogger? Could you maybe find an RSS aggregator/reader that would run all the time, take in your feeds, and automatically post them through the Blogger API? I know it's possible to do manually, the question is, how you get it done automatically. I don't know.
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Here's a thought. Find an RSS aggregator, like newsgator, that works within outlook. Useblog to convert the rss feed into a series of emails you receive, and then use outlook's rules to automatically publish from newsgator through Blogger's API? I have no idea if that would work, I obviously don't use blogger, but you might try it.
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Yeah, it looks like it is possible to blog by email through blogger, but you have to use Radio UserLand. Still, it seems that you could just use blogit to capture the rss feeds and then email the posts into blogger, where they would become new posts. Is that what you were asking for?
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Response by poster: I've tried using Bloglet, but it won't accept the rss feed I want to use which is coming from feedburner. I'm getting an 'String was not recognized as a valid DateTime' message.
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