USB Header -> Port solution?
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I need to turn a USB Header on motherboard into an *internal* USB port. No cables. Someone's GOT to have made one of these... but I can't find it. Help, hive mind!

OK, I've got a SuperMicro mobo without an internal USB slot. I want to mount a [ USB keychain | SD card | CF card ] *inside* the case because all the machine's running is ESXi. The mobo has a USB header on it -- but when I'm looking for an "internal card reader" all I'm finding are big honking things designed to go in the front of a PC.

Is there a tiny little card that will go straight from the USB header to either a *hard* USB port (not a cabled port) or a little slot for an SD card.

I suppose this is what I get for buying a barebones server instead of the cool sauce sold by big guys like Dell and Sun, where you can RAID1 a couple of SD cards inside the case to run without hard drives, but I'm naught but a poor consultant...
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Can you purchase a USB extention cord cut it in half and wire it up? You can find the pinouts on wikipedia/the motherboard manufacture's website.
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StarTech makes one, although it's cheaper on Amazon. Logic Supply sells a right-angle one as well.

In a pinch, I've also used the freebie PCI Slot-mounted USB Headers that are included with most motherboards. You can simply bend the slot cover and mount it anywhere you have an empty screw-hole, like a motherboard standoff mount or empty drive bay.

Good luck!
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Any reason you're set on USB? You might have more luck (and better performance) finding a CompactFlash/SD to IDE (or SATA) adapter.
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Best answer: Sounds like you're better off with a IDE or SATA DOM
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