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Looking for a dentist recommendation in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Relevant details:

I live on the south side of Lewisville, but I'm willing to drive a bit for a good recommendation. Lewisville, Carrollton, Coppell, Grapevine, Southlake, Frisco are all cities I go to regularly for errands, so I would consider any of those close to home, but as I said, I'm willing to go a bit further.

I have United Concordia dental insurance.

It's been about 4 years since I've been to a dentist, and my husband has never been, so I'd prefer someone who can put us at ease and is good at thoroughly explaining options for treatment.
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My dentist, Chris Barnes, is great. He's at Arapaho and Floyd in Richardson, though, so maybe a bit far for you. 972-783-0990.
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Please do NOT go to Six Day Dental. I had the worst experience of my life there and have finally? finished dealing with it after three years.
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I had a good experience at Kurt Calender Dentistry in Southlake. I didn't need major work, just a cleaning and cavity fill. The staff there are awesome, super friendly and accommodating. Plus the hygienist who did my cleaning was gentle on my sensitive gums and it was the least painful cleaning I've ever had. That's a win in my book.
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I saw James Peck for many years, and he was wonderful, but I vaguely recall hearing that he moved out of the state last year. Like Gridlock Joe's suggestion, he was also located at Arapaho and Floyd in Richardson, so that is kind of weird, no? (972) 231-7214
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Kristen Seely is awesome. I saw her after a five-year period of no dentist visits (and after one of my teeth sort of... collapsed), and she did an excellent job of rehabilitating and educating me. She's located at Preston and Forest in Dallas.
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Shweta Daftary - Prestonwood Dental

Preston and Beltline, so she is a bit out of your way, but she is awesome. No upsell, no nonsense and she puts everyone at ease.

I recommended her to someone who is phobic about going to the dentist and he said she was great. This is someone who hadn't been to the dentist in 15 years, and he now goes every 6 months.

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My family really likes Dr Jerit Davis at Frisco Family Dentist - he and his staff are great! I'm not sure about your insurance but here is their number in case your interested: 214-618-5450.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! I'm going to check these against my insurance coverage and then I guess just pick the one closest to me.
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