Where to find glace (glazed) fruit in Vancouver BC
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Where can I buy glace (glazed) fruit in Vancouver, BC?

My Mum is in Vancouver, BC, preparing to make her Big Australian Christmas Cake. The critical ingredient is glace (or glazed) fruit (figs, citrus slices, pear, pineapple, apricot, ginger etc.) - but glace fruit isn't something Canadians seem to use in their cooking and we can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know of a source within Vancouver or its environs (a field trip of a couple of hours would be fine) or failing that, a decent online source for ordering the stuff?
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My wife (ex-Vancouverite and maker of Christmas cakes) sez: if Galloway's is still around, they'll have it.
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I usually see it in the baking aisle, right next to the raisins, diced up in bags.
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Amazon.com has it.
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Amazon.com has it.

Last I checked, they don't ship food to Canada.
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Response by poster: I usually see it in the baking aisle, right next to the raisins, diced up in bags.

Yes, we have seen this. Sorry - to clarify, we're looking for the real, undiced stuff that you'd get at a deli. Not the less-flavorful, less-juicy pre-fab diced stuff.
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Best answer: The fruit here looks fresh (and has good reviews). Also ships to Canada.
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Best answer: With that variety, it might be worth doing it yourself instead of going on an expedition to find it: sugar+water to 112C in a pan, cut the fruit to size and blanch it in another pan, add fruit to syrup, cook, drain, let cool.
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Vancouver prides itself on being a "food city". I have a tough time believing this ingredient is not available here. Unfortunately I wouldn't know where to find it. Have you tried the higher-end supermarkets like Urban Fare or Meinhardt's?
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Yes, Galloway's definitely used to carry stuff like this. It looks like the location that used to be downtown no longer exists--they've moved: there's a location in Richmond and one in Burnaby.
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These guys might be able to advise a local market that carries their fruit.

Also, did you see this previous question? It looks like the asker was successful at the Gourmet Warehouse.

You might be able to find something at a very big semi-permanent sort of fruit stand -- maybe Granville Island.

My mom, the fruitcake expert, and asked me to advise you that if you are stuck with dry diced less-than-ideal fruits, you can save the day by rehydrating them in warm fruit juice and simple syrup (50-50 mix, in a saucepan over very low heat).
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I'd try talking to some of the Chinese bakeries, if you can find a chatty owner/baker. Don't they have a lot of cakes that use glace? They must have a supplier. You could also try Gourmet Warehouse.
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Best answer: Galloway's does have it, several kinds. Although their site says there are the above mentioned locations, there's one in New Westminster as well. (I was in there just this week.) They have contact info and you could call and ask if they have exactly what you want. They are very helpful.
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