How can I Implement Revenue Sharing on a Wordpress Blog While Serving Ads Only to Search Engine Visitors?
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How can I implement an author AdSense Revenue Sharing System on my WordPress blog while only serving ads to Search Engine Visitors?

I have found this WordPress plugin, Adsense Revenue Sharing and Earnings System ( which I would like to use to distribute AdSense impressions between authors and myself on my blog.

I'd also like to use a method to display the ads only to search engine visitors, which would spare regular readers the annoying ads and also increase my AdSense CTR. I have seen a couple viable methods, including this one: and the plugin "Who Sees Ads".

Unfortunately when I try to combine both systems together, the ARSES code fails to fetch the adsense publisher ID, or the entire page errors out.

The only idea I have would be to perhaps use the search engine plugin to call ad.php, in which I would include the Adsense javascript and ARSES code.
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Set a cookie when they the referrer is a search engine, then look for the cookie?
posted by devnull at 1:55 AM on July 16, 2010

At what point does a search engine user become a regular user?
posted by artlung at 9:31 PM on July 20, 2010

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